Weekend Woodshed #11 - Powell Randolph

Powell Breaks down a spicy Akira Jimbo Fill

Welcome to the Weekend Woodshed! In this lesson, we will take a look at the paradiddle and the way Akira Jimbo orchestrated it in his Metamorphosis video.

The paradiddle is a combination of single and double strokes. RLRR LRLL. For this lesson, we will orchestrate the paradiddle by putting the single strokes on the toms and the double strokes on the snare drum. The twist to this paradiddle pattern is that they are played as 16th note triplets.

I also show the same orchestration here as 8th notes and 16th notes to help clarify the pattern. Once you have the 8th note version down, try to speed it up to the 16th note version and then finally the 16th triplets (Sextuplets). Have fun, and see you next time!

Powell Randolph

Weekend Woodshed #11 - Powell Randolph