Weekend Woodshed #3 - Nick Baglio

Nick shows us a RLRLLK fill

Hey guys & gals, Nickybagz here! This is a fun 6 note grouping to practice. The Sticking is RLRLLK. In this video, the grouping is played as 32nd notes. (16ths or 32nds based on tempo)

The beauty of this pattern is that it also works really well as triplets, or 16th note triplets. Once you get comfortable with it, try and displace the pattern all 6 ways, moving the kick to the 1-6 positions, shifting it left or right. Each of these kick placements has its own unique sound. Then experiment with different orchestrations around the kit.

Lastly, try subbing the single kick, for a single left foot. This works really well as a linear groove concept too! If you’re able, I’d strongly advise writing out the permutations you’re not as comfortable with to see where they line up with your pulse. Happy shedding!

If you're interested in taking lessons with Nick Baglio head over to www.nickbaglio.com and book a couple of sessions!